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The Health and Safety of our employees are of utmost importance to our company. EQUAL is committed to administering comprehensive programs that promote the Health and Safety of each of its Employees and the Environment. Protecting the well-being of Employees and the Public will always take precedence over the desire for expedience.
Safety is a twofold commitment; a partnership where both parties share the burden of responsibility and accountability. The success of EQUAL’s safety programs relies not only on management’s commitment to providing a safe work Environment, but also on Individual Commitment to Safe Work Practices. Employees must contribute immensely to reduce and promote an Environment marked by safety consciousness.
EQUAL will continue to do its best to create and provide the necessary safety Programs, Information and Environment which will promote an injury free Workplace.
We are committed to carrying out our business in such a manner that “Safety always comes first”. Together we can achieve a Safe and Healthy Work Environment which protects the well-being of EQUAL’s Employees, Customers, Assets and the Environment.